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Welcome to Nigeria’s number
one on-line print services
Tinkaroni Prints is a leading on-
line printing consultant. We offer
world-class printing solutions
from production of basic office
stationery such as call cards and
letterheads to printing of
brochures, annual reports,
capabilities brochure and every
other corporate document your
business may require.
Tinkaroni Prints always gives you
exceptional print solutions.
That’s because to us, printing is
more than just ink and paper -
it’s about creating business
solutions and getting results. We
deliver turnkey solutions for
service industries, financial
institutions, retailers,
manufacturers, direct marketers
and individuals.
At Tinkaroni Prints, we are
dedicated to helping companies
grow through well-produced
corporate communication
documents that are guaranteed
to create that all-important
impression of your
professionalism on your target
audience, create business
opportunities for you and
enhance sales.
We are reputed for our attention
to details, innovative printing
techniques and delivery of high
quality documents. With the
winning combination of our
experienced staff and state-of-
the-art printing equipment and
techniques, we lead the way
in providing innovative
solutions and services in a
constantly evolving industry.
Tinkaroni Prints offers you
Instant Service and Free
Delivery (within Lagos) at
Competitive Prices.
Why Order Your Prints On-
These are some notable
advantages of ordering for
your prints on-line:
Placing your order on-line is
quick and saves you time, a
vital ingredient to the success
of any business endeavour.
Ordering your print on-line
not only saves you time, it
also requires less effort from
you. You don’t need to have a
lengthy meeting with a
printing consultant to give
him your brief.
It dramatically reduces the
distance between you and
your printing consultant. All it
takes to link up is a few taps
on your keyboard.
These are some of the
benefits of ordering your
prints on-line. Tinkaroni
offers all these and much
more. Go on and try it. Get a
taste of our pudding. You
might be our lucky winner.
Business Cards
Compliment slips
Yes, order your full
colour onesided
business card.
100 Business Cards N 4,500 
500 Business Cards N 8,000
Yes, order your full
colour onesided
250 Letterheads N 5,500 
500 Letterheads N 9,999
Yes, order your full
colour onesided
business card.
100 Business Cards
250 Letterheads
N 8,550 
Yes, order your full
colour onesided
250 Complimentary Slips N 5,500 
500 Complimentary Slips N 7,500
...positively projecting your business by design
You can also choose from a
large variety of professional
designed marketing collaterals
to meet your exact needs. We
have templates covering all the
major Businesses e.g.
Agriculture, Business consulting,
Health Care, Real Estate, Food &
Beverages and so much more.
All you need to do is browse the
templates library select what
you want and we would
customise it to suite your brand.
Template Pakages: