Welcome to our gift section where you stand the chance of winning our fabulous
business-enhancing gifts! This is where Tinkaroni rewards you for your patronage and
How to win. (Please read through carefully.)
We have two basic reward systems, one for those who introduce their friends to us and the
other for those who do business with us.
Tinkaroni Pal
A Tinkaroni Pal is someone who links us up with their friends in order to do
business. We are mindful to show appreciation for your gesture.
Benefits of Being a Tinkaroni Pal:
Get a free e-book simply by introducing six or more friends to tinkaroni.com (All you have to do
is forward their e-mails to us). When any of them places an order, you are on your way to
winning a gift at any of our quarterly, mid-year and annual Tinkaroni Pal grand draws.
Each order your friends place gives you 1 Tinkaroni point, which in turn makes you eligible to be
part of our grand draws. The more orders your friends place, the more points you get and the
greater your chances of carting away our awesome gifts. You also get rewarded with a Tinkaroni
point when your friends introduce their friends to Tinkaroni.
Tinkaroni Patron
A Tinkaroni Patron is someone who actually places an order and does
business with us. In addition to the exceptional service you get from Tinkaroni
on you order, you also stand the chance of bagging numerous gifts.
Benefits of Being a Tinkaroni Patron:
When you place an order, you get a free business-boosting e-book and are automatically
qualified to be part of our monthly Tinkaroni Patron random draws where you stand the chance
of winning a free pack of call cards for the month in question. You may even be the lucky winner
of our Annual Loyalty Gift!
Each subsequent order you place fetches you 10 Tinkaroni points, which are automatically
added up for you. When you have up to 50 points, your accumulated points fetch you 15%
discount on your next order. Your 50 points also make you eligible to win the Annual Loyalty
Gift, the winner for which will be determined at our annual grand draw at the end of the year.
Placing orders and referring your friends to us gives you the double privilege of benefiting both
from our Tinkaroni Pal and Tinkaroni Patron reward systems.
Loyalty & Reward Programme